COR VAN WEELE (1918-1989)

At OODE we present an orphaned collection by Dutch photographer Cor van Weele (1918-1989).

Van Weele worked during the war several years for photographers Nell Herbert (Haarlem), Godfried de Groot (Amsterdam) and Willy Schurman (The Hague). During the war he ended up in camp Muehlberg/Elbe and illegally photographed the hardships of his fellow sufferers. He settled in Amsterdam after the war and developed into an excellent portrait photographer until the mid-1950s. Many of his glass negatives from this period have survived. Gradually he shifted his field of activity to commissioned and documentary photography. He was an inspired teacher at the Film Academy (1960s) and the Rietveld Academy (1970s). The works of OODE show a variety of graphic works, portraits, landscapes and sceneries. All with quite harsh contrasts and showing different aspects of moments in life he encountered.